For VW GOLF MK1(1975-1984)/Airmext air strut pack/ airsuspension /Airstrut/Auto parts/chasis adjust/air spring/pneumatic

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---Volkswagen Rabbit / Golf  MK1 (1975-1984)

---Volkswagen W Rabbit / Golf MK1 Cabriolet (models 1980-1994)

---Volkswagen Jetta MK1 (models 1980-1984)

---Volkswagen Pickup MK1 (models 1980-1983, fits front axle ONLY )

---Volkswagen Scirocco MK1 (models 1975-1981)

---Volkswagen  Scirocco MK2 (models 1982-1989)

1.This is air strut pack forVolkswagen Golf MK1

2.This air strut pack including:

-------4 * AIRMEXT Coilover shock absorber (2 for front and 2 for rear)

-------4 * AIRMEXT Rubber air spring (2 for front and 2 for rear)

-------2 * spacers + bolts

-------4 * 1/8NPT air fittings

-------2 *spanners (wrenches)

-------No camber plates, you need to use original camber plates for front and rear

-------2 * braided air hose

3. Features:

-----32-level adjustable Damping

-----Threaded & adjustable shock mounts

Adding further tuning of your ride height at any PSI setting you chose is the ability to have an adjustable  mount just like coilover kits. The benefit to this is being able to get the perfect ride height at basically any PSI you are comfortable driving at.

-----125mm drop (front &rear)

Front and rear air strut with 125mm drop (stroke) that lift & lower your car body at random, work with AIRMEXT G5 air management to be 3-level memoried height adjusted.

-----High PressureDouble Bellows Progressive Rate Spring

Engineered and designed to match your vehicle, slim double bellow type bags are available depending on what type of OEM suspension your vehicle has. Air pressure directly corresponds with how stiff or soft your car rides. Higher PSI = stiffer ride. LoweRR PSI = softer ride. Each car is different and it may take some time to dial in your preferred settings.

----High Performance AIRMEXT Shock Absorbers

Every air strut kit comes with the same quality shocks that are standard in our  coilover systems. Air strut shocks have a different internal valving setting to accommodate changes in PSI.

-----12 Month Limited Warranty
Our warranty is 12 months from the original date of purchase which covers manufacturer defects

4.This item is just air strut part of one complete set air suspension system, you need to match other accessories  as per your interest. AIRMEXT,ACCUAIR, AIRLIFT controlling system etc.

5.It is to adjust the height of chassis by automatically control, rise automatically

when driving while lower when car parks,  ability of shock absorption can be adjusted at random,

significantly improve the comfort.

Brand Name:
Air Pressure
product name:
AIRMEXT air struts
Car Model fitment:
GOLF MK1 (1975~1984)
item including:
4 piece coilover +4 piece air spring assembly
brand new
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